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        December 29, 2016 Guangzhou fan Xi Jie and our assistant made contact, appointment of our Dr. He Rongzhu teacher and chief designer LOGO Laurent for the design of a skincare company can show beautiful spiritual or common opening LOGO, and provided a series of design shipped LOGO required personal data and files to our color requirements assistant.
        Guangzhou fan Xi Jie skin care products Co., Ltd. came into being, has epoch-making significance. On the basis of the original ecology of organic products, using the law of the universe, the natural crystal energy into people's energy, optimize its own magnetic field, people maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, personal charm, the one and only the incomparable! Compared to the market to rely on high-tech micro beauty products to create a false beauty, this is the real beauty, eternal beauty!
        Fan Xijie, formerly known as the Royal Yan Yan, the brand has been adhering to the "imperial products in the heart, refined in the shape of" the principle of the development of skin care products. At the same time also received a good reputation in the industry. With love and the endless pursuit of care attitude, Mimi in the second trimester of her life, with spiritual energy and skin care science. Founded the Royal core Yan second upgrade brand "Xi Jie fan", the main global high-end skincare market.
        "Fan Xi Jie" LOGO design concept: high-end, fashion, soft meaning, aesthetic