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        重慶博立特科技發展有限公司LOGO定制理念: 環保  創新  科技  人文
        Chongqing bolite Technology Development Co. Ltd and Division I reached LOGO registration protocol, by the Division I provide LOGO design and trademark registration, corporate brochure design and other related matters
        Chongqing bolite Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a R & D, production, sales, construction as one of the professional flooring company, main products include metal, nonmetallic hardening wear-resisting flooring, epoxy floor, anticorrosive floor, self leveling floor, color art flooring and other products, as well as the external wall insulation moisturizing material. Covers an area of over 20 acres, is the medium and small enterprises, Chongqing bolite science and technology development limited company chairman Jin Guoming, the character of gold, eight wood and water in five rows, two, our teacher and chief LOGO transport master He Rongzhu design master Laurent combining with the character property industry type and the total gold gold Dong, joint development finally, design of the main tone lock is white, auxiliary color adjustment of the green, blue and black three, will effectively express the general technology based, sustainable development, life and growth in nature of corporate philosophy, to give people a fresh bright feeling
        Chongqing bolite Technology Development Co., Ltd. LOGO customization concept: environmental innovation science and the Humanities