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    來源: | 作者:66666tw | 發布時間: 2020-08-04 | 630 次瀏覽 | 分享到:

        合肥柏記餐飲服務有限公司LOGO設計理念:新穎  直入  大氣   圖文并茂
        Bai Ji of Hefei Catering Services Limited in April 12, 2014 reached LOGO design and agent registration protocol and the Division I, Division I by the LOGO design and agent registration related matters
        The legal representative of Hefei Bai Ji Catering Services Limited Gong Baixuan, according to the character of soil, five elements like gold and water. The catering chain group main Sichuan, Sichuan and Hunan cuisine with the "spicy" style characteristics, the Division I transfer guru He Rongzhu and chief LOGO design teacher Dr. Laurent to work out a plan as follows, the LOGO uses the White / Black / gray and red, four colors, the mode of Sichuan and Hunan taste external performance, adopts the simple direct with text topic maps, with pale grey pepper mini map, only a little red suddenly hot beauty, this LOGO more easily the propaganda effect.
        Bai Ji of Hefei Catering Services Limited LOGO design concept: the novel into the atmosphere with pictures