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        廣州領典服飾有限公司LOGO設計理念:端莊  大氣  活潑   典雅
        Guangzhou classic clothing Limited company in February 27, 2014 to reach LOGO design and generation of the registration agreement with our company, I provide LOGO related matters by Si Youqi design and agent registration
        Guangzhou classic clothing Limited company legal representative Sun Congcong, eight of gold, five lines like gold and water. The eight line five characteristics, the Division I transfer guru He Rongzhu and chief designer, LOGO Laurent to work out a plan as follows, determining the LOGO using dark coffee and white two colors, to the high-end positioning mode of apparel industry characteristic, adopts the swans and angel this design inspiration, name design intuitive easy to publicize the effect. Chinese characters lead code using English bilingual model; and the clothing will open foreign to the European and American markets to boost the effect
        Guangzhou classic clothing Limited company LOGO design concept: dignified atmosphere lively and elegant