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        湖南丁氏置業有限公司LOGO定制理念: 穩固  人文  厚重  環境

        Ding Hunan Properties Limited and our reach LOGO registration protocol, by the Division I provide LOGO design.
        Ding Hunan Properties Limited is an international sales of real estate development enterprises, is a medium-sized enterprises, Ding Hunan Properties Limited legal representative Mr. Ding Da eight water, five elements like gold and water, Ms. He Rongzhu and Dr. LOGO Laurent chief designer with Ding total eight Xiji God As well as the enterprise produces the product of the five elements, preliminary determine the LOGO color choice, and blue with white, gold to water five rules, the whole design uses blue background, white as a color contrast, the harmonious development of environment and housing to explain life. The main LOGO using graphics Combined with the Chinese characters way, the graphics part is seemingly a house, split is T-shaped and word, and a fully flat solid, meaning Ding total real estate construction quality as strong as iron. The centre is the name of the company "Ding home" in English. The bottom using an ad Words: Ding, enjoy life. Read the GetWord, more conducive to remember Dingshi ltd..
        Ding Hunan Properties Limited LOGO customization idea: steady humanities thick environment