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        On January 29, 2021, Hong Kong Leeson group reached a logo design agreement with us, entrusting professor he Rongzhu of our company to be responsible for the design services of trademark logo and business card.

        Leeson group is a large group company integrating real estate development, equity investment, science and technology innovation, film and television entertainment and engineering design. Professor he Rongzhu, after analyzing the property of the industry in the early stage, combined with the four pillars and five elements of the company, combined with the humanistic flavor of logo design aesthetics and strong enterprise innovation, combined with the above characteristics, the color system of the whole logo is set as green and black, in which the white background is the bedding color system, so the design style of the whole logo is based on the totem of ascension and publicity Advocate, symbolize advertised and strong enterprise cohesion.

        The customized logo concept of Hong Kong Leeson Group Co., Ltd.: gentleman, communication, humanity and ascension.